Women’s day, the expert: “climate will favor boom of casual sex, especially for inhibited women”

The sexologist Rosamaria Spina intervened during the program” Genetics today ” conducted by Andrea Lupoli on Radio Cusano Campus.

“In the context of emancipation, it seems, the woman cropped his ‘law breaking’, and in some cases strongly, at least once a year and the feast of the woman the eight of march appears to be the opportunity to do so –said the Dr. ssa Plug-in. There are many shows designed for the woman, the man stays at home with his friends and turns a blind eye to the party where the partner could participate and goes on until late at night.” “We have a reversal of roles with the woman who is masculine and we have a typically male attitude, not only in watching certain shows like male strippers, but also in the language adopting an explicit one with rough or vulgar terminologies.”Women's day, the expert: "climate will favor boom of casual sex, especially for inhibited women”

“Women’s day will record a surge in casual sex especially in individuals who do not normally have opportunities to make or dedicate themselves to certain transgressive encounters. In this case, on the other hand, you are deliberately looking for contexts where you can find situations or moments related to casual sex. You stay with your friends, drink a little more, increase the disinhibition and it becomes easier to let yourself go in the night to a meeting that the next day will be forgotten.”

“The climate that is being created greatly facilitates these moments of disinhibition especially in very inhibited women who in the evening of March 8 find it lawful to go beyond certain canons. There is no moral judgment behind it, sexuality is right to live it as everyone feels to live it.””Women have the same needs and desires as men, male and female sexuality has differences, but in primary needs it still works in the same way.”

Sexologist “ ” Spring also awakens allergy, like sex allergy: it can be fatal. Beware of strange side effects”

The sexologist Rosamaria Spina intervened during the program” Genetics today ” conducted by Andrea Lupoli on Radio Cusano Campus.

“Human beings follow the same cycle of nature, for women and men there is a ‘blossoming’ physically and sexually. It begins to perceive – said the sexologist Spine – a feeling of well-being that awakens sexual desire in women and men. The major hours of light promote biochemically hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin that are hormones of good mood and happiness.”

“A certain sexual charge is felt inside, a need to vent the sexual tension that has its maximum in the summer. Spring is, however, the best time to find a more active sexual activity because temperatures are ideal for sex, when it’s too hot we don’t have an ideal condition because it triggers a sluggish mechanism.Sexologist “ " Spring also awakens allergy, like sex allergy: it can be fatal. Beware of strange side effects”

An ideal calendar for love? From the beginning of spring, in these days, to the first, middle, of June. The increase of the temperatures then as said leads to a physiological decrease of the desire and the desire to have sex.”

“Spring also awakens allergies, like sex.” It’s rare, but it exists.it’s forms of allergy to male sperm. It affects women, in the United States over 40,000 women, with severe symptoms and in some cases fatal. It should be taken into account if ‘strange side effects‘occur during an unprotected relationship. In the most severe forms symptoms are characteristic of strong skin rashes and respiratory reactions.”

“Then there is the allergy to the latex they are made of condoms, it is more common than that in seminal fluid but also in this case must be kept under control because they are potentially fatal both in women than in men. Pruritis and skin rash the main symptoms. However, latex-free condoms exist for allergy sufferers.”

“It must be said, finally, that the antihistamines ‘kill’ the desire to have sex, it is possible you may experience a decrease in sexual desire that can not be regarded as alarming, but that has this as a side effect, so to turn off the desire, but not sexual performance”.

Science in the bedroom, the effects of sex on the brain

It’s like a drug because it acts on the same brain circuits activated by cocaine, caffeine, nicotine, and chocolate. It’s calming, antidepressant, painkiller and, at least in rats and mice, ally of memory. But it can also trigger attacks of’ living sickness ‘ and transient amnesia. And in the male he has a sleeping power. These are the effects of sex on the brain, 8 those known at the moment, reviewed by the time newspaper, as the appointment with Valentine’s Day approaches.

“Understanding how sexual activity acts on a neurological level can also help and shed light on other health aspects. But carrying out this kind of study is not the easiest thing, so Research in this field is still under development,” explains Barry R. Komisaruk, professor of psychology at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey, Usa. “But scientists are beginning to unravel the mystery.” So here’s what we know for now.

Science in the bedroom, the effects of sex on the brainIt’s like a drug. Sex Makes You Feel Good, confirms science. That’s why we want to do it, that we love it, and we spend a lot of time hunting a partner. The feeling of pleasure that a report generates is largely tied to the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that activates the brain centers of reward and is involved in the addiction to certain substances or drugs. “Taking cocaine and having sex does not give exactly the same feeling – the precise Timothy Fong, professor of psychiatry at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles – but the 2 things involve the same brain regions, as well as different areas”. And Komisaruk recalls that “caffeine, nicotine and chocolate also light the ‘central brain of gratification”.

It works like an antidepressant. A study of 300 women, conducted in 2002 by the american College of Albany, has shown how, net of possible confounding factors, such as living a stable relationship, or take oral contraceptives – those who had sexual intercourse without using the condom suffered from fewer depressive symptoms compared to those who used the condom. The researchers hypothesized that various substances contained in semen, such as estrogen and prostaglandin, have antidepressant properties. Information that scientists recommend to use only in a consolidated report. In all other cases you’d better not forget the condoms: “There are other ways to improve mood, but no one else in order to avoid sexually transmitted diseases”, remember the experts.

It can depress. It’s antidepressant, but it can also trigger the opposite effect. In fact, there is a sort of ‘depression, post-sex’, in technical jargon, dysphoria postcoitale, experienced by about one-third of the participants in a scientific study, which reported a sensation of sadness in the after-report. The nature of the relationship may affect, but this form of ‘blues’ remains a mystery to be clarified.

It relieves the pain. Headache? Sex must not be avoided, but done. To collapse one of the most classic ‘alibi grandmother to a German study in which 60% of the participants who suffered from migraines, and 30% of patients with cluster headache, if they had a sexual relationship during an attack showed a total or partial remission of the pain. Other research has shown that, in women, stimulating the G-spot area increases the pain threshold. The effect could be linked to oxytocin, the so-called ‘cuddle hormone’, says Beverly Whipple, professor at Rutgers University, who investigated the issue.

It can wipe your memory. Every year almost 7 out of 100,000 people experience so-called’ transient global amnesia’, a sudden and temporary loss of memories not attributable to a neurological problem. Particularly vigorous sexual intercourse, as well as stress, pain, minor head injuries, some medical procedures and diving into boiling or frozen water can trigger this condition. The ‘tabula rasα lasts from a few minutes to a few hours, a period during which it is impossible to not remember the events very recent, but also to store new memories. Luckily, it passes without consequences.

But it can also improve memory. But memory can also improve sex. Or so it seems from laboratory rodent studies. A 2010 report compared rats only having sexual intercourse with rats having ‘chronic sex’ (once daily for 14 consecutive days), and in the second group the growth of more neurons in the hippocampus, a brain region associated with memory, was observed. The results were confirmed by another mouse research, but they’re all to be verified in humans.

You can calm down. In the same study on rats, animals having sex for most days are less stressed and this seems to work also in humans: a research has shown that just after having sex people are able to respond better to situations of high emotional tension in public speaking. The effect is related to the reduction of blood pressure.

It can make you sleepy. Finally, sex makes you sleepy. To the male more than to the woman. According to the researchers this effect-numbness is related to the consequences of ejaculation on the prefrontal cortex, which, after having reached the acme of pleasure seems to ‘go off’. This fact, combined with the release of oxytocin and serotonin, could explain why the man collapses exanime after a relationship. Women know what’s going on, and now they can figure out why.



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