where can i get fruthin in kenya

Every day is a good time to adopt healthy eating habits. Rather than losing weight without a diet to look better, it’s feeling better with you and improving your relationship with food.

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where can i get fruthin in kenya

lose weight in 30 days

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Weight loss without diet

  1. Water. Always prefer natural water (2 to 2 ½ liters), drink water before each meal, this will help you distinguish thirst from hunger and prevent you from exceeding your food intake.

Cold or hot? A Humboldt University study says that drinking cold water the body uses reserve calories (excess) to generate heat and thus regulate body temperature.

  1. Breakfast. According to Tel Aviv University, eating candy like chocolate helps prevent cravings throughout the day and thus moderate intake.

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Includes desserts only for breakfast.

  1. Yogurt and fruits. A study published in the” New England Journal of Medicine ” revealed that this pair of foods generate more satiety than even fruits and vegetables. Choose this option as a snack at noon.

It’s not just food!

  1. Sleep. When you restrict your sleep, increase levels of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates hunger, by which the study of the University of Chicago recommended to sleep of 5.5 up to 8.5 hours.  Assign an exclusive time and place to sleep.

5.Giggle. Vanderbilt University research showed that laughing up to 15 minutes a day makes muscles work harder, increasing energy spending. It includes some recreational activity.

Exercise will be the best complement, perform at least 15 minutes of aerobic exercise each day improve your stamina, in addition to striking a balance between caloric consumption and spending.

Always remember to seek the support of health specialists to know more about your body and diet.

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We invite you to reflect on the following:We invite you to reflect on the following:

if weight gain or” extra kilos ” took some time to occur, why do we think weight loss is going to be almost instantaneous?

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Don’t risk your health with fashion diets or miracle products, it’s best to always start with small habits that will make a difference to lose weight without a diet.

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