WHAT TO EAT BEFORE THE GYM TO MAKE MASSFor those who want to carve their physique to perfection, it is important to know what to eat before the gym, so that they make their exercises effective! Here are some valuable advice for those who engage in competitive sports, know what to eat before the gym to maximize your efforts and get the best results for your body. Not surprisingly, very often these athletes, in addition to be accompanied by an athletic trainer, when they need to keep the performance levels high they also appeal to a dietician, who provides the athlete with all the useful information for a correct diet.  Ehssì, because nutrition is really fundamental in the life of an athlete, even if it carries out its activity on an amateur level. To be clear, even a non-professional body-builder, before joining the gym, gets his food table drawn up!

It should be noted, then, that each discipline has its specific power, and that power depends on the objectives that one wants to achieve. In this case, in this article we will explain what to eat before gym to lose weight and to do the mass; for the purpose of having a good result, it is equally important to know what to eat after the gym!

To have muscle mass is the essential requirement to be able to have a chiseled physique: the muscle mass is the basis on which your exercises will go to work, so it is important to understand the main rules to be able to increase in the correct manner, especially if your goal is to sculpt your physique!


Just because there is a great energy consumption during training in the gym, it is very important that the power before the gym is particularly energetic. Place that every single individual has a level of tolerance unique to the individual, before the gym, the advice is to consume a meal that has a high digestibility, an important energy density (250-300 kcal), in addition to being mainly carbohydrate and low glycemic index.

Remember, then, other two fundamental things:

A good rule is to eat little and often (about 5-6 meals per day), and to space out the meals at least an hour and a half away from your training: it is important, in fact, is that your digestion process has ended before starting your gym session. The main rule, however, is to take simple carbohydrates before training and proteins after, so that you can make your metabolism more active.

Remember, then, other two fundamental things:

Let’s go in, so in detail: what to eat before the gym in the morning? If you prefer the morning session to start the day well, then it is good to have a good breakfast. We recommend, therefore, a brioche with a glass of orange juice, a couple of slices of toast with jam, a jar of yogurt and a little fruit you prefer, seasonal fruits, while between the yogurt we recommend the Greek one, poor in sugars, which will give you energy without appesantirvi. Remember to drink a lot both before and after the training: in addition to the water, always recommended, try to take drinks rich in mineral salts.

Even more than in the morning (the power does not deviate as much from your habits), it is very important to know what to eat before gym in the evening. Fundamental, here, is to employ the use of easily digestible: honey, for example, as well as cereals and all products that derive from it; also, you could choose between potatoes, chestnuts and fruit. Remember, once again, the importance of respecting the digestion time! In addition to these foods, remember that before a training session in the gym you need a good supply of fiber, which slows the absorption of sugars and facilitates, in this way, your performance in sports!



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