What is the white substance that comes out of the pores by squeezing them

What is the white substance that comes out of the pores by squeezing themThis Is The Truth, Answers And Remedies!..He seems to rise from his ashes every time we devote ourselves to cleaning the T-zone… but what is it really about?

How to free pores from sebum? As we said, it is not possible to free the pores from the sebum definitively, but it is possible to make them see less and that the sebum itself will change more slowly. In this sense, clay masks are useful, which absorb excess oil, but on the other hand they can, in some cases, dry the skin.In addition, products containing BHA (butylhydroxyanisol) or zinc are useful for keeping pores clean. The symbol BHA usually in cosmetics indicates only salicylic acid, an ingredient that we all know as contained in various creams, lotions and detergents dedicated to fat skins. Salicylic acid therefore helps to keep the appearance of pores cleaner.

The scrub, on the other hand, would not be useful in this case, as the “problem” is precisely inside the pores. In summary, it is possible to reduce the appearance of pores, but which, nonetheless, will continue to fill, as the sebaceous glands do not cease certainly to produce sebum. It is produced by the sebaceous glands and there is no way to eliminate it forever. In fact, as we all know, the pores are filled again shortly after their “squeezing” which, moreover, in the long run could stress the skin.

The sebaceous glands are found throughout the body except the palms of the feet and hands. They are more common on the face, back, chest and pubic area.

How to Prevent excessive production of Sebum

We have said this in several posts, but it is worth repeating here: the most typical mistake of people with fat skin is to use products, and especially detergents, which are too aggressive.How to Prevent excessive production of Sebum


In these cases the rebound effect is met, i.e. the glands are stimulated to produce even more sebum.

It is therefore necessary to moisturize the skin with specific products, including retinoids. These can be effective in controlling the excess production of sebum, but are usually prescribed by a dermatologist after a careful review of your situation. Speaking instead of natural remedies, we read how some people found a valid help in argan oil, which would help balance sebum production by providing the skin with the hydration it needs.

Detergents must always be very delicate as well as facial cleaning tools and devices. For example, old, Rough clothes or face brushes with too hard bristles should be avoided.

Moreover, a fundamental role in the production of sebum is played by the diet. Eating healthy helps fight fat skin.

What’S the difference with the black dots and the white dots?

What'S the difference with the black dots and the white dots?Some people call this phenomenon “white spots ” but in reality there would be a difference, though rather slight. The white spots would be clogged pores like the black spots, but the surface of the comedon is closed and therefore the impurity does not oxidize, remaining clear. Unlike the black dot, which is” open ” and therefore assumes the distinctive dark colour due to oxidation. Of course, there is a deep difference also with respect to zits and acne. In fact, the pimple is the result of the infection of a comedone, usually by bacteria that penetrate inside the blocked pore causing precisely the furuncle.

What are black spots and cyst and why we like to see them explode so much

Black spots exploded, crushed and cleaned in every way: the videos that see the protagonists these formations that develop on our skin have conquered the people of the web. The Queen of these contents is perhaps Dr. Sandra Lee who, through her YouTube channel, has taken us to the fascinating world of Dermatology. But what are black spots? And why can’t we stop looking at them? Comedoni, code name ‘Black Points’

We call them ‘black spots ‘but we are wrong both because their real name is like’black spots’ and because ‘white spots’ also exist. In general, when we speak of blackheads, we are referring to the formation of pustules that develop on the skin when the opening of follicle is occluded by keratin that blends with the sebum in larger quantities than normal: the result is that the substance of a yellow that comes out when you squeeze.

Different colours and shapes

We said that comedones are not just black spots, they are divided into:

black spots, which take this color not because they contain dirt, as often he thinks, but because in contact with the air (as they are superficial) the comedone oxidizes

White points, which are the comedons forming under the surface and for this reason they are also called ‘closed’

macrocomedons, which are bigger than a millimeter (and they are the ones we like the most to see online)

microcomedons, not visible to the naked eye

Epidermoid and pilar cyst

The version for the stomachs of the heavier of these videos is the one that sees the protagonists in the epidermoid cyst and pilar, which are a form of benign growth that can appear on various points of the body, which does not cause damage and which is done for aesthetic issues with a surgery under local anesthesia.

What’s inside these lumps

Epidermoid cyst: this type of cyst is formed when skin cells reproduce over the border of the epidermis itself. The result is that kind of yellowish/white paste composed of malodorous macerated keratin. Mostly asymptomatic and painless, however, this cyst can also become infected. The removal includes not only ‘crush’ the cyst, but remove the entire bag inside which it forms: otherwise it will grow again.

Pilar: this type of cyst, also called trichilemmal cyst, is mainly found on the scalp and contains keratin which forms a yellowish ‘cream’. Also in this case, a small surgical operation is required to remove it.



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