The secret of beauty is simpler than you might think

The secret of beauty is simpler than you might thinkUnderstanding “beauty” isn’t that hard. This is what a new study reveals.Beauty, long studied by philosophers and thinkers, and more recently by scientists, is simpler than one might think. To confirm this is a new study conducted by members of New York University and published in the journal Current Biology. 


Beauty: explain the authors of the study

is notoriously subjective and should not be treated by science, but some of its key features follow simple rules.

The analysis of the researchers stretches from Plato to the German philosopher Alexander Baumgarten, up to the playwright of the Nineteenth century, Oscar Wilde and psychologist Gustav Fechner, coming to the most recent discoveries in the field of neuroscience.

Beauty has value in the everyday choices that we make – each year consumers spend millions of dollars and countless hours to acquire or improve their beauty.

By examining the collected material, the authors have come to the conclusion that certain characteristics, such as symmetry and roundness, make things more beautiful, on average. Having said that, although symmetry and roundness are typical characteristics of what is beautiful, experts remind that, as always, there are exceptions to the confirmation of the rule.

Salt of the Dead Sea: discover the benefits of cosmetics with this ingredient

For thousands of years it is known that the salt of the Dead Sea has special properties that are beneficial for the skin. On this article you will find out what the benefits of this ingredient are and what the best cosmetics on offer.

Salt of the Dead Sea: discover the benefits of cosmetics with this ingredientThe Dead Sea is a large salt lake located between Israel, the west bank and Jordan, known since the times of the Greeks and Romans for its cosmetic benefits and healing properties. According to some historical documents, including Cleopatra has already been used for its benefits on the skin (it is said that the pharaoh, he attended assiduously to the Dead Sea and was often out of Egypt, to make beauty treatments).

The Dead Sea receives water from the Jordan River, the uadi Mujib River and other small rivers. Since it has no outlet, which has a high density of salinity in its waters and its mud makes the Dead Sea the largest and the most famous natural spa in the world.

Also, this “lake” has over 20 minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium, which makes its waters and its mud is unique in the world and as a result, are the ingredients of interesting to create high quality cosmetic products. Thousands of people rely on cosmetic products from the Dead Sea to soothe and heal their skin, and also treat physical diseases as rheumatism.

Here are some of the main benefits that the Dead Sea salts offer:

Improve dermatological problems such as allergies, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

They moisturize the skin: over the years the skin loses its capacity to absorb nutrients and loses its natural elasticity. The mineral properties of the Dead Sea contribute to hydration and purification of the skin.

They improve muscle or rheumatic problems due to its high level of magnesium and calcium.

Contributes to the improvement of the circulatory system, cell renewal and anti-ageing for and on behalf of its high-grade potassium and calcium.

In addition, thanks to its high rate of bromine, promotes detoxification of the skin, decreases the size of the pores and nourishes the surface layers of the skin.​

Bath salts Westlab

This is the best product for those who suffer from irritations and allergies: the Dead Sea salt Westlab does not contain any additive, has a magnesium level between 31% and 35% and is highly recommended for the healing of the skin, treatment of acne, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. The Salt of the Dead Sea also helps you relax your muscles, being particularly recommended to athletes.Here are some of the main benefits that the Dead Sea salts offer:

Just melt two or three spoonfuls of salts in the tub and you’re ready for a nice, relaxing bath. If you do not have much time available (or don’t have a bathtub), you can just add a little water and apply it in the area with a piece of cotton.

  1. Body Scrub with Dead Sea salts, mango and kiwi PraNaturals

The pranaturals scrub is 100% organic and vegan. It is rich in revitalizing minerals and antioxidants and is particularly suitable for sensitive, dry skin and to purify impurities of the skin, clean pores and improve blood circulation. It will also help to reduce cellulite and improve the shine and smoothness of the skin.

Also, its aroma is incredible and will leave you a pleasant scent throughout the day.

  1. Soap with salt of the Dead Sea Hilai

The soap Hilai is ideal for those suffering from acne, enlarged pores, or oily skin has as main ingredients the dead sea salt (which helps to cleanse and reduce the pores and regulate sebum production) and goat milk moisturizes and regenerates naturally in the skin, making it healthy and glowing. It is an ideal soap for sensitive, mature skin, with acne, etc.

  1. Face mask with Dead Sea mud

Following what we talked about earlier, the mud of the Dead Sea also has exceptional properties for skin and face. If you are interested in a face mask that is moisturizing and at the same time detox, Grace & Stella’s formula is one of the most recommended.

This is a mask from the face with mud extracted exclusively from the Dead Sea is 100% natural and especially effective in the treatment of skin problems such as psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, eczema, etc., If it does not seem the case with yours, this mask, however, is ideal to detoxify, soothe and treat the skin of your face improving its elasticity and preventing premature ageing.

  1. Magnesium oil with Dead Sea salts

This product is the top for those looking for an alternative cure to back pain, muscle fatigue, headache and joint pain. It is a 100% natural Dead Sea extract and magnesium-based spray, odourless and colorless and produced with a 6-step purification method and reverse osmosis technology. It also helps in fighting other evils like: Restless legs syndrome, Migraine, Leg cramps, Stress, panic or depression, Problems with insomnia or sleep disorders, Low blood pressure or lack of energy.

Bath salts and Pediluvium-bath salts of Dead Sea to Essential Oils of eucalyptus and Melaleuca-made in UK (450 g), 100% natural, antibacterial-for the care of athlete’s foot

Bath salts and Pediluvium-bath salts of Dead Sea to Essential Oils of eucalyptus and Melaleuca-made in UK (450 g), 100% natural, antibacterial-for the care of athlete's footPURIFYING AND DETOXIFYING – A warm bath with bath salts with eucalyptus oil and melaleuca cleanses the skin in a natural way and opens the pores, thus helping to eliminate toxins from the body harmful.

Products in the UK-we produce all our salts, infusions and bath crystals in the UK. Beware of the usual cheap bath salts from China!

100% natural ingredients-our Dead Sea bath salts with melaleuca oil are expertly mixed with essential oils and natural aromatherapics: they do not contain chemicals, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, animal fats.

THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF BATH SALTS – The properties that are antiseptic and antifungal properties of the bath Salts to aromatherapy with EUCALYPTUS oil AND MELALEUCA effectively contribute to the treatment of athlete’s foot and other conditions such as fungal infections and infections of the nails, athlete’s foot, foot smelly, tired and sore.

100% guarantee satisfied or refunded-our bath salts and pediluvio will surely please you and above all will be appreciated by your skin. We are so sure that we offer you full and unconditional reimbursement in case of dissatisfaction for any reason! All you have to do is order your Moksha Beauty bath salts now!



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