The most effective exercises for a flat stomach

The most effective exercises for a flat stomachFlat stomach exercises are the best way to get rid of flabby skin and unsightly rollers. To boast of a flat stomach, it is not enough to follow the most effective diet even. It is also necessary to perform properly selected exercises that simulate involving the abdominal muscles. Get to know the most effective belly exercises, workout rules, and mistakes you need to avoid while practicing your abdominal muscles.

The most effective exercises for a flat stomach How to perform exercises for a flat stomach-basic principles How not to train the abdominal muscles – the most common mistakes

The five most effective exercises for a flat, firm stomach Performing exercises on the stomach, it is worth remembering that if the abdominal muscles are under a layer of excess adipose tissue, the effect of exercises for a flat stomach will not be enough. In this situation, the training focuses on cardio (endurance exercises), which are the main training tool to combat unwanted fat. Of course, this does not mean that up to this point you should not do exercises that simulate on a flat stomach. This is most appropriate. However, in order to exercise on the stomach gave the expected effect, it is necessary to get rid of excess fat from this area.

How to perform exercises for a flat stomach-basic principles

How to perform exercises for a flat stomach-basic principlesWhen exercises for belly block feet. During the “crunches” muscles located in the legs in any case should not contribute to the abdominal muscles. Therefore, you should not perform exercises with inserted legs, such as a ladder or bench. Blocking the legs leads to the fact that the movement is most involved in the muscles of the ileum and lumbar, and not the abdominal muscles. It is equally important that the work of the hip and lumbar muscles when performing torso forward increases the tension in the intervertebral discs, which can lead to degenerative changes in the spine.

Breathe right. When performing exercises on a flat stomach-popular “crunches”, you should pay attention to proper breathing. During the contraction of the abdominal muscles (lifting the trunk), you should exhale. It is advisable to let the air out by mouth. And while lowering the torso (back to lying on your back), take a breath. In any case, during the execution of the trunk slopes forward do not allow air retention.

Doing exercises on your stomach and look up. When performing torso forward slopes, it is very important to correctly position the spine, especially its cervical spine. Neck and head throughout the range of motion should be a continuation of the body. Gaze should be directed upwards (to the ceiling), but not in front of him. So exercises on a flat stomach will not lead to damage to the cervical spine and muscles located in the neck.

Zgarb. Unlike the vast majority of strength exercises, for “crunches” and therefore for flat stomach exercises, you should bend your back (especially in the lumbar region).How not to train the abdominal muscles – the most common mistakes. One of the main mistakes in training the abdominal muscles is performing exercises involving this part of the body every day. Exercises for the abdomen is best performed taking into account the break.

Keep in mind that during power exercises in muscles there is a microtrauma – a rupture of muscle fibers. This is a natural phenomenon, which is especially in demand in the process of building muscle mass. It also applies to the muscles in the abdomen, so the muscles bodźcowanych during exercise on a flat stomach. After the end of the training muscle fibers are restored more and stronger. This is due to adaptive changes that occur under the influence of strength exercises in muscle tissue. That is why it is not necessary to perform exercises on a flat stomach every day – the muscles located in this part of the body, like other muscles of the human body, you need time for rest and recovery.

Before you start exercising on a flat stomach

If your workout will consist only of “crunches”, it does not mean that you can skip the workout. Do not also perform workouts focused solely and exclusively on the abdominal muscles. It is worth remembering that there are no exercises that will involve only one muscle. Belly exercises also help other parts of the body.

Before you start exercising on a flat stomachWhile doing even a simple exercise outside the stimulated muscle, other muscles work, including synergistic or postural muscles. This also applies to exercises on a flat stomach. Therefore, before proceeding to the implementation of “crunches”, it is necessary to perform a comprehensive workout, covering the whole body. It is worth including in it also, though one cardio exercise that will optimally prepare the circulatory system and respiratory system for the upcoming effort.

The five most effective exercises for a flat, firm stomach

Exercises on the stomach can be successfully performed even in your own home. You do not need any special equipment and a huge space. The most effective exercises for the abdomen are those that are made in the supine position. Home belly training can bring just as good results as this gym or fitness club. Simple belly and belly exercises will quickly change your body. Below are five effective abdominal exercises you can do at home. Belly exercises a week will not change your body, but after that time you can see the first results.



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