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How to lose weight quickly? In a month wedding, in 2 weeks we have to fit in a dress for a party or look good in a bikini. We will tell you how to lose weight. We need an effective diet, determination and discipline. Check out which diet will help you lose weight quickly.

How fast to lose weight in two weeks to go to the size, and better two? You have to take drastic measures. You can lose weight quickly with the help of acute effective diets, which are not the healthiest. However, if you minimize the time spent in low-calorie mode or limit one group of menu products, you can protect yourself from complications. Read our guide what to do to lose weight fast.

If you do not know how to lose weight quickly, one way is a very low-calorie diet, that is, 1000 and less kilocalories. If we choose this version of the method of rapid weight loss, it is better to take prepared nutritionists mix – cocktails, soups, drinks, and even porridge and bars. At low calorie give a lot of minerals and vitamins, which makes them safer than a very low-calorie diet of its own composition. Will this diet allow you to lose weight quickly? This method of nutrition quickly makes the body reach for supplies and provokes rapid weight loss. Another way to lose weight fast can be the Cambridge diet or the Light Diet. It is best to do this under the guidance of a nutritionist who will respond adequately if we find it difficult to sustain a radical diet.