Paraphimosis, what is it ?

Paraphimosis is a medical condition that refers to a blockage of the foreskin behind the glans of the penis. The foreskin is then unable to return to its original position, resulting in an obstruction of blood flow.
Paraphimosis is a disease of the male reproductive system. More concretely, the foreskin adopts abnormal anatomical position. The foreskin is the fold of the skin that extends over the penis and covers the glans.When a man suffers from paraphimosis, the foreskin is retracted behind the glans and strangles him and is unable to return to his normal position. This is an emergency situation, because blood at the penis level cannot circulate to the rest of the bloodstream.

Paraphimosis : causes

Several factors may be responsible for this medical condition.

The most common factors are: :

incomplete development, as is the case with babies
a forced retraction of the foreskin that forms a fibrous scar
a narrow foreskin that tends to block easily
incomplete circumcision
trauma to the penis
an infection linked to a lack of hygiene or to a foreign body, such as a piercing logically, the inability of the foreskin to retract is the symptom par excellence of paraphimosis. The patient feels severe pain and observes swelling if he tries to force the maneuver.

If paraphimosis persists, blood accumulates. The skin then begins to turn blue because of the obstruction of blood flow.

Since this is an obvious medical condition, the patients concerned usually treat this problem in time. It is thus rare for a patient to go to the emergency room with advanced gangrene. Paraphimosis is an extremely painful medical condition, which causes the patient to rush to the emergency department.Paraphimosis : causes

Pharaphimosis : the treatment

Treatment will depend on the degree of constriction of the glans. In the initial phase, a pressure on the glans is usually sufficient for the foreskin to loosen and return to its original position. To facilitate the process, pain relievers are administered to the patient. Ice will also be applied to the inflamed area for the same reason.

If, despite all these precautions, the swelling continues, the specialist should facilitate the drainage of the blood by means of a needle or by creating a pressure gradient. This should allow the penis blood to circulate easily by means of a tight bandage.

To unlock the foreskin, a small cut on the area of the retracted foreskin is also possible. This process is known as a dorsal slit, as it frees the foreskin and allows it to return to its original position.

If we are facing a greater strangulation, the most common option is to resort to surgery. Circumcision is a surgical technique that aims to extract the foreskin.

By eliminating the fold that covers the glans, it finds itself in the open air and paraphimosis cannot take place. Nevertheless, it is necessary to ensure that the foreskin has been completely removed, in order to prevent the formation of scars after the operation.



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