Natural products for weight loss

Natural products for weight lossMany people do not even know that walking the paths of supermarkets look around the food, which has a natural slimming potential. And I don’t really mean “light” foods,” fit ” yogurts, or sugar-free coli. The greatest potential is hidden in such inconspicuous foods that it is difficult to think of to include them in the diet.

So, what should I throw in the basket during shopping? Grapefruits. These fruits are not particularly popular in the first place because of the specific, bitter taste, which is responsible for a substance called naringenin. However, this compound along with other flavonoids has a strong potential for weight loss.

Scientific studies have shown that the inclusion of these fruits in the diet leads to a marked decrease in fat levels in the case of overweight. Without application of any additional procedures, reduction.

Oat bran. For a long time considered as unnecessary “waste”, in the last decade gained popularity, mainly due to the confirmed effect on cholesterol levels. Oat bran is rich in an extremely valuable type of dietary fiber, which, among many other positive properties, slows down the process of emptying the stomach and thus reduces the response of glukozową after a meal containing carbohydrates. This is essential for people who are experiencing seizures “wolf appetite”, because it reduces appetite.

Extra virgin olive oil and linseed oil wysokolinolenowy can also promote weight loss.

Extra virgin olive oil and linseed oil wysokolinolenowy can also promote weight loss.Olive oil provides oleuropein, a bioactive substance from the secoiridoid group, which enhances the thermogenesis process, thereby increasing energy consumption. Linseed oil – provided we’re talking about wysokolionolenowym oil – is a source of omega 3 fatty acids (alpha linolenic acid). Omega-3 fats have a positive effect on many parameters of metabolism, improving the work of some hormones that are responsible, among other things, for saving energy of the body. It is worth remembering, however, that linseed oil is not suitable for frying.

Individuals for weight loss should also be aware of the “termogennym” potential of proteins, including in the diet of protein products such as lean meat, dairy products and fish. Also, some spices and drinks can be a valuable addition to a restorative diet, however I write more in the second part of the article.

In addition to the described in the first part of the article, foods that supply fiber, good calories and biologically active substances that accelerate metabolism, there are still those that do not give calories. They are rich in compounds with strong thermogenic potential (increasing the energy consumption associated with heat production) and other components involved in important metabolic transformations. An important Supplement to the diet for weight loss can be different types of natural spices, such as Cayenne pepper, for example. It is a source of capsaicin – a substance of action termogennym, which due to its properties is a fairly common component of drugs that promote weight loss.

Worthy of attention also:

Worthy of attention also:turmeric, ginger and cinnamon, perfectly composed with sweet dishes. Bioactive compounds contained in cinnamon have a beneficial effect on glucose metabolism, and the results of studies conducted on cell cultures that have shown that cinnamon can reduce the storage of fat in adipocytes (fat cells) are also available. Also, coffee and tea are a valuable source of compounds that accelerate fat burning. Not only do they contain caffeine, but also polyphenols present in both coffee beans and tea leaves (mostly green and white) accelerate metabolism and contribute to increased energy consumption. Interesting properties also has black tea, which is a source of compounds that enhance the action of an important hormone – insulin and improve energy savings of the body.

A valuable addition to weight loss diet is also mineral water, especially containing high doses of calcium (more than 200mg / l). Calcium, in addition to being a building material of bones, teeth, affects the conductivity of the nerve and the activation of many metabolic reactions, in addition, has the ability to bind in the gastrointestinal tract with fatty acids present in food and creating them poorly soluble Soaps that are not digested and absorbed and will be simply removed. Calcium, so it is able to reduce the caloric content of our foods, especially those successful in fats.

It is worth remembering the information in the content of the article, because little ingenuity on our part requires the inclusion of the products described here for the diet. Of course, in the case of ordinary food, a certain regularity and consistency are of particular importance.



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