Muscle mass: increase it in a few steps

You eat for four and you look like half a guy? Don’t waste those huge amounts of food and use them finally to build big muscles. Here are 5 steps that you need to do to strength training and proper nutrition to the mass, began to bear fruit. By the way, you will find that it is not so difficult to build.

Dry, narrow, onion, comma or just skinny. You belong to the men who fit each of these terms, and you get angry every time you hear them? You want to gain weight, but you doubt it’s possible because everyone around here says that with a metabolism this fast, you don’t stand a chance?

Stop listening to these fair wisdom-the truth is that even the thinnest guy can gain muscle pretty well and relatively quickly. Instead of flexing his hands, to catch the post and ask the lie to the assertion that nature cannot be improved.

Rod girlfriend

If you really want admiration, not compassion, to appear in other people’s eyes, you must unite with the bar. So far, no one has come up with a better way to make muscles grow.

In the beginning, you can drag the pieces of iron in the house or in the garage – in MH you will find information that will help You to take the first steps in the world of strength training. But we advise you to start going to the gym right away.

Choose one that employs qualified instructors – they will show You how to perform the exercises and help to make a reasonable training program. In the beginning, the load that you have to give up, your slim body then three workouts a week.

During each of them, make all muscle groups work, making 4-6 series for each of them, counting all the exercises. In each series, do 10 to 12 reps, battling the maximum weights you are able to withstand.

Let’s start with meal planning. Poles usually eat three times a day, at least once-during lunch-putting their stomachs to the test of endurance. You should eat for 5-6 meals that is approx. 3 hours. When laying down your new menu, make sure that foods rich in protein are eaten for dinner – thus deliver building material for regeneration and muscle growth during sleep (more on this in the text).Rod girlfriend

The doctor will tell you the truth

The most common obstacle to greater muscle mass is rapid metabolism, usually inherited. But the reasons why a guy is thin, despite eating a lot, can be more serious: diseases or parasites of the digestive or endocrine system, hyperthyroidism, tumors, anemia, etc. So go to the doctor of the first contact and describe your problem to him. Do not let dispose of the statement that with age, of course, strongly catches the eye and ask that You carefully examined. If it’s OK, take the second step.Our proposal: “Make your diet so that about 30% of the total daily energy came from proteins, 45-50% – from carbohydrates, 25-30% were fats,” says Dr. Barbara Fronchek from physical culture in Krakow, an expert on nutrition and enhanced in sports Medical Commission DOE. Enough theory, time to practice.


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