How to lose weight without a restrictive diet

How to lose weight without a restrictive dietDo you hate diet? It may surprise you to know that a diet is not a formula that always works to lose weight and maintain a stable weight in the long run. For some experts it’s just a short-lived initiative that prepares you to reach the ideal weight and keep the scale from moving again. WHY DIETING DOES NOT WORK? It involves drastic changes:

think about how many times you have committed to a nutritional plan that involves throwing everything you keep in the refrigerator, stopping eating one of the main food groups, or having to buy ingredients in special stores. Sudden changes are not easy to implement in your lifestyle, especially when you live busy with work, children, and a thousand other activities.

Routine changes made overnight are often very difficult to maintain in the long run. Put aside the pleasure: be honest with yourself and ask yourself how many of the diets you have followed, you enjoyed the dishes you ate. Often, diets not only lead you to hate food but also to put aside activities you love, such as going out to dinner at a restaurant or having coffee with your friends. If losing weight becomes a nuisance, would you be able to follow a regime for the rest of your life?

It’s a short-term plan:

It's a short-term planYou’re likely to be able to stick to a diet for a couple of weeks or months and lose some weight. However, once you get out of the plan, you can win back the lost kilos. If you’re wondering how to keep a figure and weight stable for a long time, this “yo-yo” method is not your answer.  Diets are not the way to create a sustainable lifestyle, because they consist of time-bound initiatives. In fact, if you know someone who lost weight and managed to maintain his new weight, it wasn’t because of the regime but because he changed his habits and his whole lifestyle.  The good news is if you want to look thin and healthy for life, you don’t need to diet. But then… what do you have to do? TIPS TO BE SLIM ALWAYS

Implement gradual changes: instead of completely changing all your habits in one go, do the same thing you always do and eat the same meals, implementing small variations gradually. For example, you can start by reducing portions of your dishes by 5%. Listen to yourself and be aware of your needs: how many times, after finishing your dish, have you felt that you didn’t need to eat so much to be satisfied? Or are you obligaste to eat things you don’t like? Be aware of what foods make you happy and what you need to feel good about. So you can nourish yourself day by day without sacrificing enjoyment.

Change your environment:

Change your environment:The rate of overweight in the population increases more and more, largely because of our environment. We are surrounded by unhealthy food proposals. So don’t let yourself be a victim of the environment and keep temptations from controlling you, taking them out of your sight. You can continue to eat the foods you like, but make a conscious and deliberate choice. Implement sustainable changes: every time you replace one food with another, ask yourself if you will be able to maintain change throughout your life. If you know you can’t, try something else. It is about cultivating long-term habits, not momentary measures.

Encourage yourself to try: you must think of the changes you make as an experiment. You won’t get the results you’re looking for perfectly the first time. Always continue to implement new adjustments in your diet and lifestyle, trying to keep track of what works and what doesn’t. If something doesn’t work out for you, don’t get discouraged, and it always goes on.

Be gentle with yourself: keeping your weight as you want for a lifetime is not a career; take your goal calmly and be gentle with yourself. If you are overweight, even losing 2 or 5 kilos will improve your life. Once you’ve lost the first 2 kilos, focus on the next 2. He advances all the time, but taking small steps. This time you don’t have to wait until you reach your goal to feel good.



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