Home health


Sport-is health, and do not forget that at any moment of life you can start to move. Just a little willpower. All exercise is recommended. You can, of course, go to the gym or for sports centers, however, the exercises that we recommend can be done anywhere and in any circumstances – at home, at work, on a walk.

Enough 30 minutes a day of moderate physical activity to: feel stronger and motivated, sleep better, reduce stress, lose weight and control appetite, reduce the risk of heart attack and diabetes, improve blood circulation, learn to feel better in the company of others. It is impossible to stop the irreconcilable aging process, but you can try to influence this process with the help of sports and physical activity, that is, “In a healthy body-a healthy mind.”

Conversely, a sedentary lifestyle has long been called a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The trained units do show the best cardiac performance relative to those who are not trained, regardless of age range. Training, in addition, a great influence on the psychophysical practices of the human body performance based on good mental health.

The best strategy would thus be to maintain as long as possible the level of good” as before” performance by performing appropriately adapted exercises or stimulating the activity of those people who have never done it.