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You know you need to move a little bit more, and now it’s time to start exercising to lose weight.fruthin price in kenya

starting to exercise to lose weight you’ve probably never done sports seriously (do school’s physical education classes count?), or you simply have a lot of time without exercising consistently. Either way, you need to start from scratch.

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You’re already thinking about how the hell to get the time to do “a moderate daily exercise hour,” whether it’s bike, running, elliptical, or Zumba classes. What they call cardio in general.

After all, that’s what they recommend as weight loss exercise.

But, between us… you don’t have a daily hour to exercise (I know, because I don’t have it either).

In addition, you would like to be able to count on some basic exercise for sedentary people, something like to start little by little.

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Well, I have good news

In this article I will share with you 3 novel scientific findings that will make it very easy for you to start exercising to lose weight, even if you are a beginner and have little time.Well, I have good news

In addition, I will give you a basic routine of just 5 minutes that I myself have used not once, but several times, to become a physically active person after each of my pregnancies, and every time for external circumstances I have had to give up the exercise.

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And so that you don’t end up giving up the idea of exercising even before you start, let’s start by looking at the things that stop us from getting more active.

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Why is it so hard to start exercising to lose weight?

We know that exercise is good for us and that we need to move a little bit more because we have been very sedentary lately.

The mirror and the scale remind us permanently.

We are overweight, we feel weak and weak, and the time has come to do something about it.

But, as much as we know that we need it and that we have made up our minds, the inconveniences that prevent us from starting seriously and with commitment rain down on us.:

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we have no desire or energy to exercise,

we don’t have time to do it.,

and we don’t know which exercises to start with.

If we add to that the fact that we feel bad when we are doing it (because we get too tired, or we are ashamed or afraid to do it wrong), that we are afraid that we will then get more hungry and we cannot control it, or that our body hurts too much, or that we choose the wrong exercises and do ourselves harm or have no results and lose the effort…

… turns out we have a thousand reasons not to exercise.

After all, it’s easier to do nothing than go through all the work, the risk and the discomfort of doing it.

And we ended up like this, doing nothing. And feeling bad because, deep down, we know that we should do it and that it will do us good.

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I totally understand you.I totally understand you.

I can not even count the times I have “started” to exercise throughout my life. And if we’re talking about post-partum (which I’ve had 3), it’s not even starting from scratch, but more or less from -100.

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