Flat belly: the secrets to have it in a short time!

Flat belly: the secrets to have it in a short time!A flat belly, in a short time: to lose that fat roll that, for a long time, seems to have chosen our belly as its favorite place, is certainly not a simple mission.

It is not impossible either. You will simply have to be very determined and constant: it will be you who knocks out the fat of your belly, forever! How? Following a balanced diet, doing the right exercises and taking note of some important tricks. Find out what you have to do here (and don’t do it!) to have a flat, slender and toned belly in a short time!

  1. Drink, drink, drink and drink

The water should become your best friend, if your goal is to get a beautiful flat belly in no time. Water hydrates your, in fact your skin making it radiant, cleans toxins, making you feel more energetic, is the best weapon against cellulite and, as if that were not enough, it is useful to deflate the belly and legs!

  1. What not to drink

If water is a real elixir of beauty, it cannot be said the same as sparkling, sweetened and alcoholic drinks, the three real enemies of the flat belly! These drinks will inflate you like hot air balloons, so avoid them carefully. If you are thirsty and you can’t drink any more water, taste a nice herbal tea or try the centrifuges: fresh, light and prepared with lots of fruit!

  1. Massages and specific products

A focused massage on the abdomen can facilitate the drainage and the reduction of excess fat, use a moisturizer or reducing and you’ll also have the certainty that the skin will remain elastic and without any snag. If you cannot or do not want to go every week to your trusted beautician, don’t worry: massage your belly yourself, it is not difficult! Make small circular movements with your hands on your belly daily after shower with your favorite slimming product. There are also specific herbal teas to deflate the belly: discover them here!

  1. Food to avoid

Foods to avoid if you want to reach in a short time an enviable line and a nice flat belly, foods are fatty, fried and also food items that are baked as bread, focaccia and pizza. Also among the vegetables, however, are hidden some foods that would be better to avoid: no legumes and potatoes, which tend to favor the swelling of the belly.

  1. Food to eat

Fiber, that’s the magic word for a flat belly! Try to introduce fiber-rich foods into your diet that, combined with so much water, will purify your body. Do not underestimate the intake of draining and fat-burning foods such as pineapple and grapefruit. In addition, to dress your food, limit the use of salt and prefer spices instead!

  1. Flat belly exercises

Resign, if you really want to have a flat stomach you will need to do continuous physical activity and, in particular, some specific types of exercises: muscle strength is, in fact, is the first secret to get shredded abs and a flat stomach.

  1. Drastic diets, no thanks!

The drastic diets are a true enemy to your belly will make you lose weight, but after a little time, you’ll encounter only with a flaccid belly, not flat, that could also return to the initial measures. Rather try to correct your diet and your habits, to have a healthier lifestyle and get the much desired thin abdomen

Slimming foods

Who would have thought you could lose weight by eating, yet it’s a reality!!! At a time when people are running faster and even food has become fast, the obesity rate is increasing, and the alarming thing is that the main victims are children. But here, you can see the horizon “foods weight loss”… the safe harbour in which to seek refuge during this storm; it’s no joke why eat in a healthy way, with awareness, and knowing what to enter in the body when you open your mouth can make all the difference. Maybe we should go back to school and study again what are the properties of food, how to handle them during the day, in what proportion each of us needs and, in particular, should deepen what are the risks of a poor diet and how to avoid them. You can define foods weight loss all those foods, that are managed in the correct way, they are able to activate the metabolism, giving us the right amount of calories to meet our daily needs, being able to burn 30% more compared to other foods (not pills), not increasing the fat mass in the body; this can lead to weight loss and transforming the body into a swiss watch!Slimming foods

Every organ stimulated in the most appropriate way to its function is certainly healthy, strong and lasting and our task is to take care of it before it loses its vitality.

We are surrounded by slimming foods but, not knowing their qualities, certainly can’t bring out the potential they have inside, opening the fridge or pantry what do we find inside? Junk food? Well, if the goal is to reach the shape weight, I also speak for those who don’t have too much weight but maybe the high cholesterol and don’t know why, it’s time to make the revolution…so throw it all away and try to fill the void with the slimming foods I’m going to list you (the main ones):

Vinegar contributes to sweating as the body overheats; Apple vinegar apple vinegar to lose weight stimulates metabolism and manages to attack the membranes of fat cells thus demolishing fat; Egg white accelerates metabolism, promotes the release of the satiety hormone (leptine) so it helps to feel full, it also contains lots of protein and no fat;

PINEAPPLE thanks to its enzyme (bromelain) helps the digestion of proteins, rich in water works with the kidneys in the purification, stimulates the intestine and reduces fluid retention also filled in a hurry by making so few calories;

BANANA contains magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, vitamins A and C, ideal for a snack since it satisfies the appetite; Coffee affects fat by making it crumble quickly and Awakens metabolism;

Artichoke reduces excess cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides thanks to inulin, protects the liver and helps the intestine;

White meat contains excellent protein, low fat and calories.;

RED MEAT protects the muscle tone has a low number of calories compared to the feeling of satiety, the important thing is to eat no more than 2 times a week in the amount of 100-150 grams; Cabbage promotes weight reduction as it hinders the processing of sugar into fat;

White meat contains excellent protein, low fat and calories.;Whole grains are rich in fiber and mainly manage not to deposit fat keeping insulin low, so complex carbohydrates are defined; CIPOLLLA is very important because it facilitates diuresis thus eliminating stagnations of liquids due to cellulite, in addition it is rich in vitamin A, C, E and Group B, potassium, calcium and sodium; Beans, being rich in protein, contribute to build muscle mass; Oatmeal burns fat faster as it increases metabolism by 10%, in addition the blood sugar level remains stable because it does not cause the very damaging insulin spike;

Fennel made of fibres and water is ideal to calm hunger also because it is one of the less calorie slimming foods;

FRUITS RICH IN VITAMIN C like lemons, oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, strawberries, kiwi, papaya, and tomatoes, also referred to as BURNING FAT, as the vitamin C present in them, it produces carnitine that contributes to the elimination of the fat from the body;

GREEN SALAD contains minerals, fiber and very few calories is the food symbol of the balanced diet slimming thanks to the possibility to be ingested in enormous quantities, helping decisively to calm the hunger;

Fennel made of fibres and water is ideal to calm hunger also because it is one of the less calorie slimming foods;

DAIRY products, LEAN YOGURT AND inserted in the exact way, a diet with caloric restriction, to the middle of the football have the ability to double the speed of weight loss failing to reduce fat in critical areas of the body and at the same time protecting the muscle mass from a harmful weakening;

Apples thanks to antioxidants prevent fat accumulation in the belly also triggering the production of pectin release fat deposits from the body;

Nuts increase fat burning capacity;

FISH is among the foods weight loss is what allows us to abound a bit more of the portions since it contains the same proteins of the flesh, but with the advantage of having fewer calories, rich in iodine, stimulates the metabolism;

SPICES ideal to give taste to foods, thus avoiding the presence of excessive and harmful salt, we can mention the following: chilli (the heat generated increases the consumption of calories), curry (detects toxins and fat reducing deposits in the body), garlic (thanks to the allicin and sulphur compounds reduces cholesterol and unhealthy fats), cinnamon (helps the metabolism of sugar);

Spinach works with liver and intestines;

THE GREEN its properties are exceptional contains mineral salts, vitamins of group B, C, E, P, substances that fight the aging of the skin (polyphenols), is low in calories, helps the diuresis, detoxifies and contributes to the disposal of fats, then the green tea makes you lose weight.



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