Communication problems are partly due to lack of confidence

Communication problems are partly due to lack of confidenceIf possible, young people only shoot rabbits, they have difficulty getting to know each other outside of their own circle. Communication problems are partly due to lack of confidence or overconfidence, as the latter is a problem. Berényi repeats the much-mentioned “diagnosis”: young people are afraid of commitment. It adds, however, that this is because they often think about problems that do not exist – what if this happens, what if it happens, what if it doesn’t work? They draw up problems that might need to be solved in a relationship, and that’s why they don’t live to see the present. It also suggests problems when a man always has a girlfriend and is interested in constant seduction, which is why he can’t establish a lasting relationship – it’s called The Don Juan Effect. (The possible female equivalent is nymphomania.The problems are reinforced by the fact that young people often meet on the internet in virtual space, and then real encounter is often disappointing – ” adds András Berényi.

However, young people also complain that there is no place to meet

No opportunity to meet, except for dance clubs and discos mostly visited by teenagers, where many people do not like to go, because they feel too old for them. There is therefore no direct contact-conversation option.  “An unlimited, wider choice compared to the previous one is not only a greater freedom in the choice of partners, but also an increase in The Associated indecision and anxiety,” says the specialist. As you say, a few decades ago, parents had a big say in who would marry their child. It was also clear that only those with the same social status could be chosen, and that the roles were clear, that people had started a family and had children at a young age, which was the prevailing social expectation at the time. Competing with women “We’ve done an eight thousand-person study on where men’s values come from, and it turns out that they’re above 70% in movies and media. The teacher, the coach, the grandfather, the father all fell to the other 30 percent,” says Imre Bedő, founder of the men’s Club. “That is, men are not at home, or because women are divorced – 73% women are divorcing – or they don’t exist because they work too much and they believe the modern-day code that they have to support the family, which has spread through industrialization. If the kids don’t see a man in the family, they don’t see a man in the school, because the men have left the pedagogical grounds.”However, young people also complain that there is no place to meet

It is interesting how the lack of male models affects girls

Who formulate fantasies towards men, which scare men in a ritkamod, ” adds Imre Bedő.He says women have a cinematic set of standards. Boys respond with two types of behavior. One is macho, which makes them buffoons, and the other is a media influence. “Today, the general pacification of men takes place: don’t be aggressive, show your emotions. And men really want to be right for women, and we really want to be at peace, to be at peace, to be loved, to be loved, to be loved. And that’s why they misinterpret this pacification and leave it all to the women: be right, my dear.”They no longer make proposals, they no longer engage in constructive conflicts, they think it’s the best thing for women. “When we were 14, we wanted to be more dangerous than we were. Today, on the other hand, boys want to look a lot softer than they really do. A lot of boys with their pants down and their heads down indicate that he is approaching with harmless, peaceful intentions. ‘Cause they’re misreading the media – communicated need for men to express their emotions,’ he says.It is interesting how the lack of male models affects girls

According to the male activist, there is competition between men and women

From the culture of multinational companies. Increasing efficiency is based on people competing. That’s why they want to neutralize the sex within the company. Women love to compete with men because they’re encouraged to show their skills. The greatest skill is being better than a man at something, but men hate competing with women. “When a man is competing with a man, he puts his heart and soul into it,” but when it comes to competing with a woman, he doesn’t give in, because it’s against all our cells and upbringing.” Another example of the founder of the men’s Club is: 80% of the Hungarian cavalry society is growing today. Men take their wives horseback riding and wait in the car. And that’s why, as long as they jog side by side, it’s okay, but when it comes to jumping a horse and being in a race, it’s a fitness and fitness competition. If two men compete, there won’t be a serious problem of losing. But if it’s a man and a woman, if the man lives there first, victory will be bitter, and if the woman gets there first, it’s not a problem, it’s a disaster. The reaction of the male community is that they do not ride, they withdraw from competition with women. “If we win, it’s not fair to lose, it’s humiliating.”

Of course, girls and women say it’s okay if they win.

I have girls, they play football, and I know it’s okay, it’s not as relevant for them to score for the boys. But for the boys it’s a disaster – ” says Imre Bedő. So he thinks, if we want to raise tough boys, we have to bring them to men. Men are born of women, but men are raised by men, and without men, man cannot become man. “If women see us as men, it’s half the battle. The real confirmation for a man is that men see them as men. That’s why we do father-son rounds at the men’s Club, where boys don’t just see fathers.” Bedő also provides an extreme example: according to the Man Going Their Own Way Movement, an emancipated woman is so dangerous to a man that they do not even engage in sexual relations with women. They live up to their income and that’s it. It’s a Million-Dollar movement, an overreaction to radical feminism. But Bedő says it can’t be a man’s life, not a woman’s.  Paul Green says harshly, founder of the men’s tent: “I move a lot among spiritually plucked, young, religious boys and men. I find that, despite this, they didn’t break away from their mother and sniff into the air.

They live in such a bubble that when another woman appears

Should be removed from the theoretical level, they get scared and run back into the theory. They’re looking for the right one, but it’s a bullshit line because there’s no real one. Because they can’t find the right one, they can’t find themselves. I don’t think they’re involved. They have to make themselves real, and then the girl they’re holding hands with will be real. In their lives they were not alone, they were not cold, they were not afraid, they were not dark, they were not beaten by the rain. These are what they lack and they project.” Pál Greeny adds: in boys there is no self-responsibility because they are not separated from their mother and their father has not been forgiven. They didn’t even try to fight him, because the boy must be defeated in this fight with his father, because the mother will be the father’s again. But the boy has to go through this, his father has to forgive him. “If the father didn’t take the mother from me, then I’m wrong, because I think that in my life, my mother should play the role of the woman, not another woman. That’s the problem with these boys. They don’t need anyone, because Mom (the care, the comfort) is there.”



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