BODY PUMP: HOW EFFECTIVE IS IT AND WHAT ARE THE CONTRAINDICATIONS?The sport is more enjoyable if accompanied with the music: the well know coaches, personal trainers, and enthusiasts who, over the years, have developed disciplines and proposals of various kinds that accompany the effort with the more hit listen. Keeping fit, in this way, is certainly more fun, as well as effective. The body pump is particularly successful among women, a discipline that links muscle enhancement to music, a combination thanks to which aerobics has become famous. We see, therefore, how does the body pump, often also called fitness pump, and how it can be used to improve our performance training, at the gym or home.

Body pump equipment

The body pump (fitness pump) is a type of exercise founded in the Nineties from an intuition of the new zealand Philip Mills: to unite the music, the use of the weights and the rockers. The first fans of this mode to keep fit were the most famous supermodels of that decade, from Cindy Crawford to Christy Turlington. The fitness pump has recently come back to life because it combines traditional aerobic exercises with anaerobic activity that enhances muscles. The result is a 360-degree toning of the body. You can take a course that applies the fitness pump in the gym or, after purchasing the necessary equipment, train independently. In particular, for the pump it is useful to have a balance bar, a body bar whose weight must be commensurate with its physical shape, small handlebars and, possibly, the kettlebell to which must be combined bending and bending.


The discipline allows you to act on some of the muscles in a timely manner: in particular, during training the muscle groups of type slow or resistant are “pumped”, meaning they fill with blood, in virtue of the physical effort prolonged, and exhausted, so the reserves of glycogen and oxygen, burning calories and toning the body. The muscular effort provided by the fitness pump will stimulate the formation of lean mass, making the body slimmer, tonic and healthy. The effects of” pump ” are varied and depend on the frequency and intensity of training. The experts suggest that fitness and body pump in fact are useful for:

Burning calories, Toning muscles, Strengthening joints, Increase physical resistance, Improving posture



Body pump training differs from other disciplines and very popular courses. Compared to crossfit, for example, it changes the purpose. Crossfit is, in fact, is a true discipline in its own right: the training provides yes some of the fundamental and complementary that we can repeat in different activities, but is characterised by an approach of challenge against yourself and not find in the pump.

Thinner, but substantial, is the difference between body pump and total body workout. A total body course, in fact, is a generic tonic training, based mainly on aerobic exercises and enriched by a lot of cardiovascular work. The pump, on the other hand, provides an almost completely anaerobic workout whose aim is to strengthen the body by “pumping” the muscles. In fact, total body workout is a lighter type of training than pump, a more intense activity with high impact and muscle, precisely for this reason are used discs and bilancers.


Before starting training, experts advise you to make a light run or jump rope for 15/20 minutes. The goal is to prepare the body for the muscle strain of the pump, increasing the heart rate. Then, you can start the real training with bilancers, weights, possibly a bar, and music. The pace is slightly slower than an aerobics class, because in this case it is not the speed that make the difference, but the intensity of the exercise.

FITNESS PUMP TRAINING: USEFUL TIPSIt is important to discuss with an expert or a personal trainer to measure weights and barbells, according to their physique, their skills and the goals you want to achieve. As well as it is essential to foresee different times of muscle recovery with different frequency and duration according to your training program. Boby pump and fitness pump training is suitable for everyone as long as you enjoy a good state of Health certified by your doctor. The versatility of this discipline lies in the possibility to follow an individual program within a group lesson, thought of its own characteristics.


Hydration sport

As in all sports activities and, in particular, in those involving the use of heavy tools, the risk is that of incurring accidents of various kinds. For this reason, effective prevention also involves three simple measures: :

Keep your body hydration under control;

Care must be taken to prepare pre-training meals;

Consult periodically with doctors, personal trainers and experts who can monitor their health.

In the case of accidents, we are well aware that recovery times can often be long and expensive treatment. A sportsman could, therefore, benefit from an insurance policy which would allow him to support the physiotherapy treatment needed at the premises of an agreement and at an affordable price. In this way, we could experiment with fitness pump in the gym or at home, in total safety.



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