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We attach more and more importance to the appearance, and since the organ that most noticeably reflects our appearance is the skin, it is obvious that more and more time we devote to taking care of it. We can say that taking care of the health of the skin, we care about the beauty. Increasingly, the allies of people who care about beauty are pharmacists who are constantly expanding their knowledge in the field of cosmetology, and in pharmacies comes excellent quality cosmetics.

It should be remembered that the needs of the skin change not only with age, but also depend on the time of year and other factors affecting its functioning. For example, if we live in large urban agglomerations, adverse changes in the skin may be the result of the action of the polluted environment. The factor affecting its condition can also be excessive solar exposure, and this is both natural on the sun — and artificial-in the Solarium. Daily skin care, regardless of the season, several stages, and its important element are properly selected drugs, the effect of which depends on their prescription composition.

Because of this, it seems increasingly important for consumers not only the information contained in the manufacturer’s leaflet, but also the ability to verify it. In a close way, this is due to the knowledge of the action of cosmetic ingredients and the ability to look for them in cosmetic recipes.