Beauty: five useful tips for the morning beauty routine

To take care of our face without making mistakes just observe a few simple rules. Here’s how to make a top skin

Beauty: five useful tips for the morning beauty routineWe would like to have plenty of time to take care of ourselves and our skin properly. But the weather – alas – is tyrant and in the morning we are always pierced, between a thousand things to do and the commitments made for the day that is about to begin. An eye at the phone and one in the kitchen to prepare breakfast, then running to prepare backpacks and folders for school and office, trying not to forget the list of things to buy for the dinner of the evening. Easy to make mistakes in our beauty routine, but with a few little tricks we can do quickly and well, here’s how.

The battle against black spots and pimples, redness and irritation is difficult, but we probably make some mistakes if we fail to achieve satisfactory results.

It’s not that we’re not capable, it’s just that we’re wrong to face the beauty routine every morning.

Who well begins: the cleansing of the evening, to which we dedicate so much care because we do not like the idea of lying down with the dirty face, let alone dirtying the pillowcases with mascara and make up, is very important. But not all of us pay equal attention to morning cleaning. To clean the face well, eliminating sebum skin, night sweat and dead cells due to the nocturnal cell renewal, we must definitely remember to clean the skin. The suggestion? If we want a light and smooth skin, ready to receive the nutrients it needs, we make a light scrub. Waking the skin in the morning when preparing to defend itself from smog, dust and external agents, it is necessary for even serum and day cream to do well their duty. Ready, Set… go!Beauty: five useful tips for the morning beauty routine

On average stat virtus: water is always a soft caress, but if it is warm it is even more appreciated. However, it is better to avoid the excessive temperature because the warmer the water is and the more likely it is to dehydrate the skin and give it a tight and marked appearance. In the same way, throw cold water on the face in an attempt to awaken the physical and ideas is not healthy, because it closes all the pores and not allow our products to penetrate and nourish the skin. The middle way is always the right one.

Keep in order: even for the beauty routine there is an order to be respected. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are actions that need to be done in sequence, because they each have their own meaning for skin care. Reverse the order of the factors is not a good idea, but don’t forget one of them: the time required is really minimum, try not to ignore anyone. After all, three is a perfect number.

Forget it: there he is, we just woke up and in addition to the swollen eyes he made his evil appearance also an obnoxious pimple. Because Luck is blind, but misfortune sees us very well, the enemy usually appears just when we have an important meeting or a romantic candlelight date. We resist the temptation to crush it, because the only result would be to inflate the pore and maybe make it bleed, with a crust in plain sight. Instead we use an excellent cleansing and then make up: makeup works wonders, almost like the programs we use for selfies.

Password: protection! last but not least: remember to always use sunscreen creams. The sun’s Rays are good, but unfortunately the UV rays today are too aggressive for our epidermis. A protection factor from 20 up is the minimum trade union to avoid skin damage that, moreover, age the skin early making it dull and wrinkled. Never again without it!

Goodbye black points: from today you can finally eliminate them

Ugly and annoying, these skin imperfections have numbered hours: here’s how to get rid of them for a skin at the top

Hateful and ugly, the small impurities of the skin called black spots are formed in correspondence with the hair follicles, and almost no one is spared. Is it possible to eliminate them without trauma? Yes, absolutely: here are some small tip to get a glowing complexion and bright, ready to be admired in the light of the sun… in every way!

We sharpen our weapons: now we are ready to face the declared war on the black spots. The name is already disturbing, but it obviously refers to an epidermal phenomenon that unfortunately is very widespread.Goodbye black points: from today you can finally eliminate them

Let’s see what it is.

Blessed youth: first of all we must say that black spots are usually typical of the adolescent age. The black spots, just like pimples, they are closely related to the hormonal activity of testosterone that exerts its action on the sebaceous glands, increasing sebum secretion that, in turn, promotes the obstruction of the pores and the formation of blackheads and acne. That’s why this skin appearance is more common among young, while the adults among us can be affected areas of fat of the face, such as nose, forehead and chin.

Metamorphosis? perhaps we do not all know that at first even the black spots are actually white, because they are underlying sebum. When the comedone (so called the black spots in technical terms) opens and emerges the fat, starts the process of lipid oxidation and darkens. Unfortunately the “tragedy” is not over: already, because besides the colouring, these antipatic guests can be distinguished also according to the size: from microcomedones, if not yet visible, to macrocomedones, when they exceed the millimetre of diameter. Save yourself!

Password: clear! it seems obvious, but the first step to prevent black spots is cleansing. In fact, in order to limit the appearance of new black spots it is essential to treat the epidermis in a constant and regular way, for example by simply using soap and water. However, let us not forget that a small amount of sebum is important to protect the skin from irritation and therefore never use too aggressive detergents and the green light instead to products respectful of our epidermis.

The power of steam: a remedy that is as old as it is effective, is to use the steam of a pot of hot water, to which we added a bit of baking soda, in order to facilitate the opening of pores and eliminate blackheads. After removing the imperfections we can clean the skin with a delicate scrub or a mask. I suggest to use the face masks green clay, which may constitute a valid aid in the fight for the black dots: the clay, in fact, is a great ally of beauty because it has antiseptic properties, cleansing and also exfoliating. A trick to keep away from the reappearance of blemish? After you are finished cleaning the face, close the pores with a nice jet of cold water: avoid letting the impurities, and give our skin a boost of energy.

At the sea and in the city: sun protection always, but beware: we avoid using expired products or leftovers from the previous year, or too oily solar that tend to increase sebum levels in the skin. In smog City, stress and make up can heavily soil the skin by making the situation worse. To prevent the formation of black spots it is therefore essential to remove the make up in the evening and the excess sebum in the morning as soon as you wake up. The morning has gold in his mouth… and clean skin!

From inside to outside: we know that by now very well, Beauty also passes through our diet and lifestyle. For defeating the blackheads once and for all, you need to stop smoking, do some exercise and being outdoors, feeding in the correct manner, avoiding fats and excess sugar, drinking plenty of water, eliminate alcohol (and a fortiori the spirits!) and sleep a right number of hours at night. The quality of our lives will improve and the black spots will magically go away. Health and our skin thank you.



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