6 Reasons You don’t fully enjoy sex

Often, sex is not a simple thing. There are many factors that can affect sexual pleasure ; do you know what they are ? In this article, we present some.Sex has always been presented as a pleasure that must be felt every time you practice it. However, in reality, even if sexual intercourse is followed, we often do not feel fully satisfied. So what’s the problem ?Perhaps some of the complexities, the nervousness or the stress of everyday life prevent us from letting ourselves go completely. Because in fact, stress is the main factor that can cause sexual pleasure not to be fully experienced.

However, although related to stress, the causes can be much more numerous. Here are some of them :

The anxiety of pleasing your partner

Why don’t you take full advantage of the sexual pleasure ?

You may feel pressure to satisfy your partner at all costs. So you’re stressed and unable to relax. You forget that your excitement and pleasure are just as important as the other person’s and that they deserve the same attention.

On the other hand, you may want to do something in bed, but don’t dare express it to your partner. Whether for fear of what he will think if he discovers your fantasy or rejects it, the fact is that you do not satisfy your desire. Therefore, a stressor appears during the relationship.

Anyway, to fully enjoy sexual pleasure, you need to relax first. That is why it is better to put the taboos aside, avoid stress and pressure, and give in completely to pleasure.

Also remember the importance of sharing your thoughts and desires with your partner. How else are you going to fully enjoy sex if you don’t talk about what excites and satisfies you most ?

Complexes that prevent you from enjoying sexual pleasure
Maybe you don’t like some of the details of your body, and during the relationship, you feel complex. You try to avoid being touched in certain places or showing certain parts of your body. Of course, with the light on, it’s even more complicated.Why don't you take full advantage of the sexual pleasure ?

How can you let yourself be carried away by pleasure if you don’t relax ?

It is best to leave all complex behind and avoid the stress or anxiety that may affect us. Otherwise, we won’t be able to fully enjoy sex. Remember that we always enjoy more with a partner uninhibited and without complexes.

Many women, though excited, suffer from vaginal dryness. This is normal at certain stages of a woman’s life, especially during menopause or breastfeeding.
There are really effective lubricating creams that can help you avoid vaginal dryness and have fully satisfying sex.

Obsession with orgasm
Often, the obsession with reaching orgasm is such that a vicious circle is created in which the stress of reaching it leads precisely to not achieving it. For this reason, once again, enemy number one, stress, must disappear from sexual intercourse.


Indeed, we need to understand that orgasm is really nice, certainly, but that it is better to relax and understand that sex offers much more pleasures than we can miss if we think only of orgasm.


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